Rodney Miller Band: Greasy Coat

Rodney Miller Band

Rodney Miller ~ Fiddle
Daniel Steinberg ~ Keyboards, Flute
Paul Kotapish ~ Mandolin, Guitar
David Cahn ~ Bass


Rodney Miller’s “Greasy Coat” continues in the style of the groundbreaking “Airplang” and “Airplang II” recordings. It represents the meeting of old and new contra dance music, of urban and rural styles, and of traditional and modern instrumentation. Joined by outstanding West Coast musicians, Rodney shows that exciting contra music isn’t limited to the hills of New England.

Contra music and dance came to these shores of 250 years ago with the first European settlers. Evolution of this music has shown that tradition and innovation can coexist. Contra continues to satisfy people’s innate desire to move in rhythm while absorbing and reflecting the changing regional backgrounds of the dancers and musicians. it is a living tradition.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the playing of fiddler and Rodney Miller and the creative west coast musicians he has assembled for Greasy Coat. “I was really impressed with the work Daniel and Paul were doing with their band “Hillbillies From Mars,” Miller says of the recording, ” and I felt that a collaboration with them would be a logical extension of what I had done in the “Airplang” recordings.”

The bedrock of this music lkies in the virtuosity Miller and his cohorts bring to it. As any jazz player will tell you, improvisation and experimenting will get you nowhere if you don’t have the chops. And the “Greasy Coat” band has honed those chops at dances and music festivals throughout the country.