Wake the Dead: Buckdancer’s Choice


Wake the Dead Personnel

Maureen Brennan ~ Irish harp
Cindy Browne ~ double bass
Danny Carnahan ~ vocals, octave mandolin, guitar, fiddle
Kevin Carr ~ fiddle, uilleann pipes, Galician pipes, tin whistle
Sylvia Herold ~ vocals, guitar
Paul Kotapish ~ vocals, mandolin, guitar
Brian Rice ~ percussion

Raves from the Peanut Gallery

“These guys really know how to deliver a fun and lively twist to Grateful Dead music. It’s a delight and well done cover. Jerry must be smiling.”

“This is one great CD. This is their best yet. It just grows and grows on you. Every tune is good. It is almost as good as their live show. If you liked Workingman’s Dead, you will probably like this.”

“I have heard cuts from this album on my local Pacifica radio station for several years and finally decided to track it down. I think you may need to already be a fan of Celtic music in order to enjoy this interesting and creative blend of music but I don’t think you have to be a fan of the Grateful Dead to “get” it. The Celtic musicians are some of the best around, each adding their mastery to the romantic tunes which blend old traditional tunes with Dead songs. I have listened to the lead singer, Danny Carnahan, many times in person and I love how his gentle voice and the lilting arrangements bring out the beauty in Grateful Dead songs that don’t always translate so well in live concert recordings. An extra bonus is finally understanding the lyrics to Dead songs I have heard many times!”

“After their debut CD, it’s nice to have these folks back. For those unfamiliar, Wake The Dead plays traditional Celtic acoustic instruments and combines traditional Celtic tunes with classic Grateful Dead songs in a way that puts a new spin on the whole tribute genre . . . in a delightful way. As the title suggests, this time around Deadheads get “Wake’s” Celtic take on “Uncle John’s Band.” Other gems include the classic “Ripple.” However, my favorites may be “The Other Once” and a little known Robert Hunter number, “Prodigal Town.” Also, if you get a chance to see them live, do it!”